Shankare Gowda College of Education

Section 4(1) (b) of RTI Act 2005
Statutory Declaration under Section 4(1) (b) Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005

The Particulars of the Organization

  1. Name of the organization – Shankaragowda College of Education

  2. Postal address of the Organisation – Principal, Shankaragowda College of Education, K V Shankaragowda road, Mandya-571401, Karnataka

  3. Website – www.sgcedmandya.ac.in

  4. E-mail – sgcedprincipal@yahoo.com

  5. Phone number – 9972387782 / 080232-220809

  6. Approval and affiliation – Mysore University ( for 3rd & 4th semester- 2022-23)
    / Mandya University ( 1st & 2nd semester- from 2023-24)

  1. The founder – Late Sri K V Shanakaragowda

  2. The chairman – Sri K S Vijay Anand

  3. Secretary – Sri S L Shiva Prasad

  4. Principal: – Dr Suvarna V D

Working hours: 9:45 am to 4.45 pm

Holidays: The Institute shall remain closed on sundays and public holidays as declared by the University of Mysore, Mysore and Government of Karnataka.


‘Value the values of society and service.’


‘To emerge as a top one teacher education college in the society and impart quality teacher training. To address the educational needs of the rural teacher aspirants by focusing attention on the development of their personal potentialities and creative abilities. to inculcate professional skills and democratic values in prospective secondary school teachers which are very much essential to cope up with the challenges of 21st century constructivist class rooms and contribute optimally to social welfare and development.


To provide required facilities and resources to student – teachers for realizing the vision of institution with deep insight into the personal as well as societal upliftment. To expose teacher trainees to developmental activities of local and national level to equip with required skills and values.


The institution has formulated following objectives by considering its vision and mission.

  1. To develop required professional skills.
  2. To develop democratic values.
  3. To provide required resources and facilities.
  4. To develop focused mind set.
  5. To emulate the personal traits for the upliftment of personal as well as societal aspects. 6. To meet the demands of constructivist classrooms
  6. To enhance the personal potentials and creative abilities
  7. To address the educational needs of rural student teachers
  8. To impart quality training
  9. To engage in developmental activities
  10. To develop positive attitude
  11. To provide placement service
  12. To develop the ability to transact content effectively
  13. To develop effective leadership qualities
  14. To refine communication skills
  15. To meet the demands of constructivist classrooms.

About the B.Ed Programme: The bachelor of education (b.ed.) programme is a two year professional programme in the field of teacher education which aims at preparing school teachers for upper primary, secondary level (classes vi -x) and higher secondary level (puc). Also aims at preparing practitioners and other educational professionals including manpower for curriculum development, planners, administrators, supervisors, school principals and for extension activities.


  • 4 semesters in 2 years
  • 100 working days in each semester


Medium of instruction: Bilingual (English & Kannada) Subjects offered

Languages : English & Kannada
Social science: History
Science : Phy sics, Chemistry & Biology Mathematics

Name Designation Contact Number E-Mail
Dr. Suvarna V D Principal 9972387782 suvarna3234@gmail.com
Sri Beeralingaiah G IT Co-Ordinator 8147239584 beel1026@gmail.com

section 4 (1) (b) of rti act 2005 covers the statutory declaration of shankaragowda college of education, Mandya

website: www.sgcedmandya.ac.in

Shankaragowda College of Education, Mandya is approved by NCTE, recognized by Govt. of Karnataka, and Affiliated to University of Mysore, Mysore. The college has a Governing Body and College Development Committee. It adheres to the rules and regulations made by Govt. from time to time. The College belongs to “Grant- in-Aid” category therefore financial transactions are audited by the Joint Director of Collegiate Education. The college has different Bodies to maintain all types of discipline in the campus. All information about the college is open for the public and it can be obtained by citizens of India

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